Training promotores @ s and community networks for the prevention of domestic violence and against women in 4 indigenous communities and 5 neighborhoods of Trinidad



Pastoral Social Caritas Beni has been working for years to achieve human promotion and improve the dignity and quality of life of the population of the urban area of ​​Trinidad and its peripheral neighborhoods such as Nueva Trinidad.

In the department of Beni, the Caritas Nacional Women’s Promotion program has been developing for a decade in agreement with Caritas Beni Social Ministry and the Municipal Integral Legal Service (S.L.I.M.) of Trinidad, with coverage that covers 20 communities.

As an institution that works with and for the rights of women and the family, the SLIM of Trinidad formulates proposals aimed at improving and expanding service coverage, deepening the dissemination and training for the prevention of domestic violence and against women, where the incidence of abuse has a negative effect on families.

It is of utmost importance to reach families, women, adolescents and children in a preventive way with the theme of intra-family violence and also that they recognize that they are subjects of rights, guarantees and duties and that the solution of family conflicts not through violence. In short, to build balanced and horizontal gender relations that allow the integral human development of women and men in Trinidad.


Four rural indigenous communities: Casaraben, Ibiato, San Juan de Aguas Dulces and El Cerrito; five peri-urban neighborhoods of district nº3 of the municipality of Trinidad: Pantanal, Venice, August 18, El Sujo, and Pedro Ignacio Muiba Plataforma; of the Department of Beni

Local Partner

Pastoral social Cáritas Beni (PSCB)


General Objective: Promote community strengthening processes in the practice of values, principles and fundamental duties of people, to guarantee the full exercise of their rights and fight against domestic and gender violence in the Municipality of the Holy Trinity (Department of Beni )

Specific Objective: To generate bases of respect, solidarity and gender equity, through training and community participation for the prevention of domestic violence and against women in four rural communities and five peri-urban neighborhoods of Trinidad.

Leading population

(128 women and 82 men).

Project duration



Ay. Bilbao (€ 37,364), TAU and local contributions


  • Socialization of the project (with the Board of Neighbors, local Authorities,
  • Education and Health …) and identification of the promoters who will carry out the training
  • Four training workshops for 110 women and 50 men selected to be community promoters and “multiplier” agents in each of the rural communities and neighborhoods of district No. 3.
  • Four follow-up and advisory meetings with the trained promoters from each of the communities in order to clarify doubts, resolve cases, provide support and, above all, analyze situations or cases of violence in each community or neighborhood. Total 36 meetings.
  • Educational fair on violence prevention in each of the communities and neighborhoods benefiting from the project (a total of 9 fairs); prepared by the promoters, in collaboration with the established Networks and with the advice of the SLIM.
  • Preparation of training and dissemination materials (booklets, brochures, data shows, banners) for the Workshops and Fairs. Also using indigenous languages ​​such as Siriono
  • Preparation and broadcasting of Radio and Television programs.
  • Socialization and identification of agents for the constitution of VIF networks. Through individual visits (Health Centers, Educational Units, Corregidores, Deputy Mayors, Presidents of the Neighborhood and District Boards, Social Organizations, etc.). A total of 9 socialization meetings for the formation of VIF Networks.
  • Training workshop for the formation of VIF Networks, one for each of the beneficiary communities and neighborhoods (total of 9 Workshops), where 20 people per community and neighborhoods participated, half women.
  • Four follow-up meetings and advice to the VIF Networks by the SLIM multidisciplinary team (psychologist, lawyer and social promoters). Total 36 meetings.
  • A meeting of all the VIF Networks of Trinidad. The nine networks formed in this project, plus the four previously established, to exchange experiences and agree on a common Work plan.