Strengthen healthy and violence-free life for indigenous children and adolescents Sirionó de Ibiato and Pata de Aguila



According to statistics, intra-family violence has increased in the peri-urban neighborhoods and communities of the Department of Beni, where there is a need to introduce a policy of intervention in the most vulnerable groups. The work of attention to the victims of violence that is carried out is not enough for prevention, it must reach the remote neighborhoods and communities directly with the dissemination and guidance on Law 1674 against Domestic Violence and against women.

Thanks to antecedent projects that have made possible an approach-contact with the educational communities of the Sirionó communities, we want to carry out an educational work to face: The ignorance of the rights and duties of children and youth; Prevention of domestic violence and violence against girls-women; Prevention and training in problems that affect the childhood-youth of these communities such as unwanted early pregnancies, drug-alcohol consumption and school dropouts.


Ibiato and Pata de Aguila communities, Beni Department

Local Partner

Cáritas Beni Social Ministry (PSCB)


General Objective: Generate educational processes to strengthen a healthy life free of violence

Specific Objective: To generate educational processes for the strengthening of a healthy and violence-free life for children and youth belonging to the two Siriono indigenous communities: Ibiato and Pata de Aguila with a comprehensive vision of interculturality and gender equality

Leading population

(140 women and 128 men).

Project duration



TAU, Ay. Zarautz (14.923€) and Ay. Oñati (9.763€)


  • Conduct training workshops in the Schools of the two communities.
  • Hold educational fairs to replicate and socialize knowledge.
  • Hold meetings, as well as training with teachers, parents and institutional leaders of two Networks for the Rights of Children and against intra-family violence (one per community).