Strengthening of business management and productive linkage of the Cooperative Association of women ACOMADEGUA de R.L.

El Salvador


The high vulnerability in the municipalities of Aguilares, El Paísnal and San Pablo Tacachico, means that the population in general and especially women, are under a diversity of social and economic problems that violate their most basic Rights. For this reason, it is important to strengthen the capacities, organization and participation of the population, and especially women, to demand and apply fundamental human rights, addressing their immediate and strategic needs and interests. Giving priority to women, through the actions of the project, personal growth and a better quality of life will be promoted at the personal, family and population levels of the participating communities, contributing to the strengthening of new women leaders with the improvement of their position in front to men, reduction of emigration, generation of self-employment and revitalization of the family economy respectful with the environment that reduces vulnerability, counting on the ability to influence the creation of local policies respectful of human rights.


Municipalities of Aguilares, El Paisnal and San Pablo Tacachico, Departments of San Salvador and La Libertad.

Local Partner

CORDES (Association Foundation for Community Cooperation and Development of El Salvador)


General Objective: Strengthen the business, organizational and productive chain management of the ACOMADEGUA Cooperative Association of RL women, with equitable inclusion and with an efficient and sustainable use of the resources available in the municipalities, so that they are agents of their own development .

Leading population

(65 women and 50 men).

Project duration



TAU, Bizkaia Provincial Council (119,935.00), Ay. Bilbao (€ 69,979.00)


  • Execution of 9 training modules.
  • Development of 3 field tours.
  • Establishment of 50 family pig production systems and 50 biodigesters.
  • Purchase of pigs and supplies.
  • Implementation of prophylactic plans.
  • Agricultural and veterinary technical support.
  • Request a health permit for the operation of a processing plant from the competent authorities.
  • Purchase of materials and equipment for the processing of sausages.
  • Processing of pork to obtain 4 products (Premium Chorizo, Popular Chorizo, Pork Rib, Greaves).
  • Signing of a transfer agreement between CORDES and ACOMADEGUA de R.L.
  • Technical support in processing.
  • Update and execution of business plan.
  • Marketing of processed products in two marketing stores.
  • Technical support in marketing.
  • Strategic plan design.
  • Design of gender policy of ACOMADEGUA de R.L.