Strengthening of work in health and education for 20 UAINAs of the Dep. Cochabamba



The UAINAS have been operating for several years in 20 rural communities of the Canton Palca and now it is necessary to reinforce three aspects of their daily operation, which are:

  • A new training for the 49 UAINA educators.
  • The annual food allowance for the UAINA that ensures proper nutrition of the children served.
  • Ensure medical-dental care and early childhood education for the 449 children benefiting from these UAINA


20 rural communities of the Canton Palca, Municipality Sacaba, Province Chapare (Department of Cochabamba)

Local Partner

San Lucas Foundation


General Objective: Reduce child abandonment, morbidity, mortality and malnutrition in 20 indigenous rural communities in the Province of Chapare

Leading population

(boys and girls)

Project duration



TAU, Ay. Zarautz and the San Lucas

Foundation from Cochabamba


  • 10 one-day training workshops (one per month) for all educators
  • 1 workshop to evaluate the operation of the UAINAS
  • Daily nutritional supply, controlled and regulated, for children
  • Weekly weight control for children attended in the UAINAS
  • Bi-monthly height control for children attending UAINAS
  • Quarterly medical check-up for children in each center
  • Control and dental treatment for all children who come to the 20 centers.
  • Maintenance of first aid kit in each UAINA.
  • Dynamics of psychomotricity and early childhood education for 449 children