Strengthening food sovereignty in Cooperativa Asocaunco through cattle production



This project is framed within a general strategy of the local counterpart – Pastoral Social Cáritas Beni – which aims to achieve adequate levels of food security and sovereignty, improvement of health and well-being among the most impoverished peasant communities in the Department of Beni.

It arises from a community reflection on the difficulties of climate change that affects the yield of agricultural production, with droughts at planting time and rain (even frequent floods) at harvest time. From here arises the need to look for production alternatives, through the execution of this productive project of beef cattle and thus improve their income level and living conditions of the associated families.


Communities of Carmen del Dorado, New Creation of Cotoca and Union and Faith in the Municipality of San Andrés (Province of Marban. Department of Beni)

Local Partner

Pastoral Social-Caritas Beni


General Objective: Strengthen the food sovereignty of families associated with the ASOCAUNCO agricultural cooperative through the sustainable production of beef cattle for good quality meat, high nutritional and commercial value.

Specific Objective: Construction and implementation of a module for fattening cattle for meat production, which is used for family consumption and for the marketing of surpluses as the Cooperative is close to the main road that connects the cities of Trinidad and Santa Cruz. .

Leading population

(women, men and children).

Project duration



Ay. Bergara (8.304€); Zarautz (13.875€) and TAUfundazioa


  • Community socialization and organization
  • Purchase of materials and equipment for the construction of the infrastructure for the beef cattle production and fattening module.
  • Construction of the infrastructure for the beef cattle production and fattening module.
  • Two training workshops for ASOCAUNCO cooperative families in the technical administration of the beef cattle production module.
  • Purchase and Management of the cattle herd for meat production (grazing, feeding, deworming and vaccines)
  • Planting grass and sugar cane to feed cattle.
  • Marketing of beef cattle production
  • External technical assistance, follow-up and monitoring of the project.