Promotion of Food Security and Food Sovereignty with equity, of migrant families from District 6 of the municipality of Sucre



In the IPTK intervention process in the communities, problems such as water shortages for the permanent production of vegetables have been identified and the families have demanded to improve the clean production of vegetables by promoting the harvest of water at the family level, which allows taking advantage of the use to the maximum of water in the production processes and in this way promote the continuous production of vegetables with a clean approach and allow the women who participate in the project to generate additional income for families by the permanent marketing of vegetables in local markets. The project aims to consolidate food security with a focus on sovereignty, gender equality and resilience to climate change, of 60 migrant families from the municipality of Sucre. The action seeks the exercise of the Right to food by the subject population, the increase of economic income, the improvement of the quality of life of the population in a situation of extreme poverty (migrants, girls, boys, women and men), through the strengthening of the productive capacities of the 60 producer families of 8 communities in district 6 of Sucre, as well as the productive association of vegetables with the strengthening of their organizational, productive capacities, production costs and market for the sale of their clean production. The action will promote the resilience of communities against the effects of climate change; the increase of the participation of the population in the local economic development and the incidence in politics of support to their communities.


Sucre, Bolivia

Local Partner

IPTK (Tomás Katari Polytechnic Institute)


General Objective: Contribute to the effective exercise of the human right to food, with a gender perspective of the migrant families of Sucre.

Specific Objective: Consolidate nutritional food security with a focus on Sovereignty, gender equality and environmental sustainability of migrant families in the municipality of Sucre.

Leading population

(Migrant families).

Project duration

(September 15, 2019 to September 14, 2020)



TAU, Ay. Donostia (50.000,00€)


  • Training workshops for producers in clean vegetable production and adaptation practices to the effects of climate change.
  • lean production of vegetables at the family level.
  • Implementation, review and delivery of the water harvesting system and irrigation system as a practice of adaptation to the effects of climate change.
  • Training workshops in the management and implementation of the water harvesting system and sprinkler irrigation system.
  • Development of food practices at the family level.
  • Construction of firewood-saving stoves.
  • Installation of family filters.
  • Training workshops on filter handling and maintenance.
  • Training workshops for associated women in organizational and administrative management, rights (ESCR, Right to a life free of violence).
  • Training workshops for women associates in cooking and healthy food.
  • Training workshops for associated women in production costs, negotiation and market operation.
  • Design and printing of promotional material for products on the market.
  • Implementation of points of sale.
  • Participation in productive fairs for the sale of vegetables.