Improving the education and training of children, youth and women in the Ben Debbad neighborhood of Fez



The Al Iklae Association in cooperation with the local partner Cáritas Morocco intends to continue its work in favor of the social development of the neighborhood through this project, giving priority response to three problems:

  • Illiteracy and lack of educational support that plagues the neighborhood, especially among youth and women
  • Juvenile delinquency and disorientation of young people in the neighborhood with multiple difficulties to face their future socio-labor in their own environment.
  • The low educational and participative level of women from disadvantaged families in the neighborhood.


Ben Debbad neighborhood (FEZ)

Local Partner

Cáritas Rabat


General Objective: Reduce poverty and exclusion of disadvantaged families in the Ben Debbad neighborhood, Les Mérinides district, Fez city, and in particular of children and youth with difficulties and women with low educational level

Specific Objective: To improve the education and training of children, youth and women in the Ben Debbad neighborhood

Leading population

(500 children, 300 young people and 200 adult women).

Project duration



Ay. Oñati and TAU


  • A.1.1. Integration and re-schooling of children at Maârouf Rusafi school

    A.1.2. School reinforcement in language (Arabic and French), mathematics and computing

    A.1.3. Carrying out extra-school activities (drawing, gardening, theater, chess and soccer)

    A2.1. Carrying out 5 awareness-raising sessions with young people for the prevention of drug addiction and juvenile delinquency

    A3.1. Holding a computer workshop for 20 women

    A3.2. Holding of 5 awareness-raising workshops with women on “Women’s rights and health”.