Improvement of food security and health status of 77 peasant families



Food insecurity (geographical and meteorological difficulties for the sustainable production of food, little diversity in agricultural production that leads to a poor diet and unstable and insufficient economic incomes that make it impossible to buy food) with the consequent precarious state of health aggravated by poor conditions of environmental health and lack of health and hygiene education.



Beni Department

Local Partner

Cáritas Beni Social Ministry



General Objective: Increase food security

Specific Objective: Improve family health conditions, especially maternal and child health.

Leading population

(242 women and 220 men).

Project duration



TAU, Government of Navarra, Ay. Pamplona and Fund. Navarre Box


  • Improves productivity of rice crops, cane sugar and development of family gardens
  • Manufacture and marketing of products
  • Technical agricultural training in production and marketing and creation of a credit fund for farmers
  • Development of maternal and child health program and training of 6 community health promoters

Despite difficulties, such as the great drought and forest fires that ravaged the Amazon in early 2006, or the severe floods of January 2007, the cooperation project has borne fruit:

  • Improvement of agricultural production of families:
  • Purchase of seeds suitable for planting vegetable gardens, sugar cane and rice and obtaining several harvests.
  • Construction of a shed for the installation and use of the rice peeler and storage of 100 tons of grain.
  • Purchase of agricultural machinery (small tool, rice peeler, mills, 4-ton truck …)
    Formation of three productive micro-companies in the beneficiary communities.
  • Agricultural training for men and women on equal terms.