Improvement and expansion of the drinking water supply system in the Las Pampitas community, in the municipality of Aguilares

El Salvador


In the municipality, 60% of the population lacks drinking water and 80% of those who have it, receive it of poor quality and only for one or two hours a day. Those without drinking water are supplied with wells without any control of the water quality. For all this, the population has to dedicate part of their income to the purchase of water for consumption and domestic use at high prices ($ 1 per 0.23m3), which greatly affects the already depleted family economy.


Las Pampitas Community, Aguilares Municipality

Local Partner

CORDES (Association for Community Cooperation and Development of El Salvador)


General Objective: Contribute to the reduction of the levels of poverty and social marginalization of the population of the Municipality of Aguilares, by providing quality drinking water on a permanent basis

Specific Objective: Improve and expand the drinking water supply system in the community of Las Pampitas, in the Municipality of Aguilares

Leading population

(438 mujeres y 377 hombres).

Project duration



TAU and Navarra Government


  • Project socialization
  • Hire a builder
  • Purchase and transportation of construction materials
  • Storage tank construction
  • Trenching and laying of network pipe and family distribution
  • Installation of connections, taps, stopcocks and family meters
  • Inauguration of the water system
  • Water quality control analysis
  • Socialization of the regulation of the existing drinking water system
  • Accompaniment visits and orientation to the communities by CORDES
  • General evaluation of project results
  • Development of 50 training days (disinfection with solar energy, adequate storage of water, environmental hygiene and gender equality)
  • Two exchanges with two other Water Boards in other communities