Better opportunities for rural immigrant women in Sucre



Poverty in the country continues to grow, which is why emigration from the countryside to the city is increasing. Women are the main affected by not having, many of them, sufficient education or being illiterate, which makes it more difficult for them to get a job. In the peripheral neighborhoods of Sucre is where this group of women with less possibilities of training and education is located, which is why this support project is proposed to improve their job opportunities through training in trades, food and organizational education always on the ground where these women are located.


Suburbs of the city of Sucre

Local Partner

IPTK (Tomás Katari Polytechnic Institute)


General Objective: Contribute to the development of leadership capacities, participation and representation of women from marginal neighborhoods of Sucre

Specific goal:

  1. Improve women’s job opportunities
  2. Training in productive techniques and nutritional food knowledge
  3. Organization and leadership training

Leading population

(mujeres y familia).

Project duration



TAU and Navarra Government


  • Creation of 20 family centers to work in nutritional food education and leadership
  • Creation of three production units in cut and sew, kitchenware and textiles and fabrics
  • Equipment of the centers and productive units
  • Nutrition education courses
  • Talks on rights and leadership
  • Coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the 20 centers and 3 production units