Organized and empowered women participate in the elaboration of local public gender policies to strengthen their food sovereignty with an agroecological focus, in Aguilares, El Paisnal and San Pablo Tacachico.

El Salvador


This project will be carried out in the Aguilares, El Paísnal and San Pablo Tacachico, El Salvador, C.A. The right holders number 700 people (500 women, 200 men), with whom they will work in: a) a process of empowerment of women, through the strengthening of their strategic-political capacities, organization and active participation in communal and municipal spaces , promoting local gender policies in defense of their rights, and making visible their contributions to family finances and food security and sovereignty with an agroecological approach; b) Implementation of 200 sustainable agricultural production systems with an agroecological approach, with the same number of women, who will have possession and control of the production, consumption and income obtained from the commercialization of the products, thus contributing to improving the nutritional diet and dynamization of family economics with a global local focus.


Municipalities of Aguilares, El Paisnal and San Pablo Tacachico

Local Partner



General Objective: To improve the organization, quality of life, well-being, food security and sovereignty of women in Aguilares, El Paísnal and San Pablo Tacachico, through the strengthening of equitable and sustainable local public policies Specific Objective: Improvement of food security and sovereignty, in the hands of empowered women in Aguilares, El Paísnal and San Pablo Tacachico, through the implementation of agricultural production systems with an agroecological approach and the updating and implementation of local public policies that include the participation of women from their organizational strengthening.

Leading population

(500 women and 200 men).

Project duration



TAU, FOCAD Basque Government (€ 590,904)


  • Project socialization
  • Technical monitoring in the field
  • Systematization of the project
  • External evaluation of the project
  • 100 training sessions with 300 women, on gender, citizen participation, human rights and gender identity, leadership, self-esteem, women’s autonomy …
  • Development of a Diploma in women’s leadership with 25 women
  • 8 training days with 200 men in new masculinities
  • Training and operation of 17 women’s community committees (6 in San Pablo Tacachico, 8 in El Paísnal, 3 in Aguilares), with the participation of 500 women
  • Annual operational planning
  • Establishment of alliances with women’s associations
  • Preparation of work platform
  • Review, update and implementation of three municipal public gender policies, with the participation and contributions of representatives of the 17 communal women’s committees
  • 14 advocacy activities (6 days international for women; 6 days international non-violence against women; 2 days for rural women)
  • 6 accountability activities (open councils), municipal (1 per year and per municipality)
  • Monthly meetings
  • Permanent awareness program on women’s rights
  • Organizational technical support
  • 48 training days with 200 women, in food security and sovereignty with a local-global approach, production of basic grains and organic vegetables, production of birds with agro-ecological management, pig production with agro-ecological management, management of biodigesters and business management
  • Establishment of 200 sustainable agricultural production systems in harmony with the environment; 12 swine production farms with agroecological management, 10 poultry farms with agroecological management, 178 production units of organic vegetables and basic grains
  • Formation of a production and marketing committee
  • International meeting between community committees, production and marketing