“Oga pora guype” Habitat improvement and construction of houses for the community of the Inmaculada neighborhood in Caaguazú



The main problems that are intended to be solved with this project are:
– Precarious housing on municipal land
– High degree of overcrowding
– Lack of organization and self-management
– Low income level (especially of women)


Inmaculada Concepción neighborhood in the city of Caaguazú

Local Partner

Association “Oga Pora Guype” (Under a Beautiful House)


General Objective: Improving the quality of life and living conditions of 105 families in 6 blocks of the Inmaculada neighborhood of the city of Caaguazu

Leading population

Project duration





  • Purchase of municipal land by the 105 beneficiary families
  • Preparation of a register of problematic situations and advice to neighbors
  • Obtaining the property title of 105 lots in the indicated apples
  • Promote training courses and enroll participants
  • Hire professionals from Electricity, Plumbing, Masonry, Tiling and Painting
    Take 5 technical training courses for construction (Masonry, Plumbing, Electricity, Tiling and Painting)
  • Exhibition and sale of handmade products made
  • Meetings of the neighborhood Steering Committee Oga Pora Guype to monitor the project
  • Create 5 working subcommittees to improve neighborhood organization and participation in relation to the neighborhood project and operation
  • 18 talks on organization, forms of neighborhood participation and equality in participation between men and women