Promotion of a Women's Cooperative for the production of olive oil in Ras Laksar



The main problems that this project wants to solve are:

  • Lack of basic training and literacy for women in the Ras Laksar community, whose illiteracy rate is very high and reaches 80.8%. Addressing the problem of education is a necessary prerequisite to try to empower women in the area and provide them with basic cultural resources that make them subsequently autonomous and conscious agents for the socio-economic development of their families and their community.
  • The absence of productive economic companies in Ras El Ksar that aim to improve the position and power of women through cooperation, self-employment and increased sustainable family income.


Rural community of Ras Laksar, located 120 km south east of the city of Taza

Local Partner

Cáritas Rabat


General Objective: Increase the basic education, cultural capacity and economic autonomy of Ras Laksar women

Leading population

(120 women).

Project duration



TAU, Caritas-Rabat, Femmes Action, Ras Laksar Municipality, Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture and Provincial Council Gipuzkoa (€ 93,056)


  • Basic literacy courses.
  • Evaluation and support of women beneficiaries of literacy.
  • Training courses for the creation of a cooperative producing olive oil.
  • Creation of the women’s cooperative
  • Meetings Joint Committee on Cooperative Management
  • Assignment of land for the construction of the olive oil extraction and production center
  • Execution of the architectural project for the construction of the olive oil extraction and production center.
  • Building construction
  • Monitoring of work and visits to olive oil production facilities
  • Making the necessary water and electricity connections for the building
  • Equipment of the olive oil extraction and production center.
  • Training for the beneficiaries in the handling and use of the new machinery.
  • Crushing olives: start of work in the cooperative.