Promoting Responsible and Sustainable Tourism with Equal Opportunities and Inclusive Participation in the Aguilares municipality, Phase II.

El Salvador

Background information

This second phase of the project will make it possible to continue supporting local inhabitants such as women entrepreneurs and groups of local artists who participate in the Aguilares cultural and arts festivals. The confinement caused by the COVID 19 pandemic has had a negative effect on their socio-economic and economic activity, with greater levels of vulnerability and poverty. In addition to the COVID 19 pandemic, more than 7 thousand people lost their homes due to Tropical Storm Amanda, on May 31, 2020, with 15 dead and 7 missing. There were a series of landslides and the drinking water systems were seriously damaged. Approximately 18,000 families suffered from the effects of this tropical storm, which forced the government to decree a State of Emergency for 15 days.


Aguilares Municipality

Local partner

CORDES (Founding Association for Cooperation and Community Development of El Salvador)


Overall Goal: Promoting responsible and sustainable tourism with equal opportunities and inclusive participation of civil society in the Aguilares municipality, with the participation of seven organizations and 443 people (221 women and 222 men), by making efficient use of the resources available in the town.

Target population

(221 women and 222 men).

Project duration



TAU, Gipúzkoa Provincial Council (€119.965)


  • Holding 23 training sessions.

  • Organizing two tours to exchange experiences.

  • Designing and developing a awareness-raising program on sustainable,

  • inclusive and responsible tourism linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

  • Drafting annual plans for the Aguilares Tourism Development Committee (COMITURA).

  • Designing and executing an annual Action Plan for the implementation of the Aguilares Tourism Development Plan and Policy.

  • Operating two tourist routes in Aguilares.

  • Designing artistic, cultural and gastronomic festivals.

  • Organizing four cultural and artistic activities.

  • Collaborating with a Tourism Degree from the University of Deusto to provide a boost to   COMITURA, local government and CORDES in the promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism with a local and overall gender focus.

  • Purchasing promotional materials, raising environmental awareness and the need for waste recycling.

  • Building a reproduction of an ancient Mayan Ball Game court.

  • Creating eight Maya Ball Game teams.