Drinking water system for 309 people Community Avenida El Paisnal

El Salvador


100% of the population of the Avenida El Paisnal Community does not have potable water service, so their living conditions, especially health, hygiene, production and comfort conditions are very precarious, having to purchase water from intermediaries in the area, which use it for consumption and other domestic activities. Regarding health, the most common diseases in the Community are respiratory diseases, diarrhea, skin diseases and, to a lesser extent, chronic diseases. Regarding the employment situation, only 66 people have stable work, the total monthly (average) income per family is $ 136.47.


El Paisnal Avenue community, Aguilares municipality

Local Partner

CORDES (Association Foundation for Community Cooperation and Development of El Salvador)


General Objective: To promote access to drinking water and the right of participation for 309 people from the Avenida El Paísnal Community of the Aguilares Municipality.

Specific Objective: To establish a drinking water system in the Avenida El Paísnal community of the Aguilares Municipality for the human consumption of 309 people, through a participatory process and incidence on local public policy, with a Gender Approach in Development.

Leading population

(162 women, 147 men).

Project duration



TAU, Ay. of Egües (23.918€)


  • Socialization of the project.
  • Purchase and transportation of construction materials.
  • Opening of trenches and laying of distribution and home network pipes.
  • Installation of connections, taps, stopcocks and meters.
  • Analysis and control of water quality.
  • Accompanying technical visits.
  • Supervision of the work.
  • Inauguration of the drinking water system.
  • Creation of the water and sanitation committee.
  • Drafting and approval of the water and sanitation regulations.
  • Accompanying technical visits.
  • Project evaluation.
  • Training 100 people in disinfection of water with solar energy and environmental hygiene.
  • Development of 1 exchange.
  • Development of 4 awareness campaigns on the importance and good use of water in two educational centers.