Drinking water and sanitation system in Valle Nuevo Community, El Paisnal municipality

El Salvador


The Community of Valle Nuevo does not have a drinking water and sanitation system, so its living conditions, especially health, hygiene, production and comfort conditions, are very precarious.


Valle Nuevo Community, Valle Nuevo Canton, El Paísnal Municipality, Department of San Salvador

Local Partner

CORDES (Association Foundation for Community Cooperation and Development of El Salvador)


General Objective: Contribute to the full exercise of the right to quality water for the population of the El Paísnal Municipality.

Specific Objective: Establish a drinking water system for the Valle Nuevo community of the El Paísnal Municipality.

Leading population

(79 women, 81 men).

Project duration





  • 1.1. Socialization of the project, to make the content of the project known to the entire population of the community. The mechanisms to be used will be Assemblies and Meetings.
  • 1.2. Drilling a suction well.
  • 1.3. Construction of a 50 m3 water storage tank.
  • 1.4. Purchase and transportation of construction materials.
  • 1.5. Opening of trenches and laying of household distribution network pipes.
  • 1.6. Installation of connections, taps, stopcocks and meters
  • 1.7. Analysis and control of water quality.
  • 1.8. Accompanying technical visits.
  • 1.9. Construction supervision
  • 1.10. Inauguration of the drinking water system.
  • 2.1. Creation of the water and sanitation committee;
  • 2.2. Drafting and approval of the water and sanitation regulations.
  • 2.3. Accompanying technical visits.
  • 2.4.Evaluation of the project.
  • 3.1. Training of 32 people in water disinfection, with solar energy and environmental hygiene.
  • 3.2. Exchange of experiences of the Water Committee formed with another that is already working.
  • 3.3. 4 awareness campaigns on the importance and good use of water, in two educational centers.