Drinking water supply system for the Las Tunas and Cartagena Bolívar communities.

El Salvador


Access to drinking water in El Salvador is limited, sharpening even more when talking about quality. The population of Aguilares also lacks drinking water in quantity and quality, that is why the population has always sought the solution of this problem in the local and national authorities, which to date has not been solved.


Mayor of Aguilares, Las Tunas and Cartagena Bolivar communities

Local Partner



General Objective: Guarantee the establishment of a quality drinking water system in the communities of Cartagena Bolívar and Las Tunas, in the Municipality of Aguilares for 51 beneficiary families

Leading population

(140 mujeres y 111 hombres).

Project duration



TAU and Navarre Government


Project socialization

  • Hire a builder
  • Purchase and transportation of construction materials
  • Suction well drilling
  • Storage tank construction
  • Installation of pumping equipment and auxiliary facilities
  • Opening of ditches and laying of household distribution network pipes
  • Installation of connections, taps, stopcocks and household meters
  • Inauguration of the water system
  • Creation of a water committee
  • Drafting of the regulation of the system and use of drinking water
  • Accompaniment visits and orientation to the communities by CORDES technicians
  • Overall evaluation of project results
  • Water quality control analysis
  • Development of 2 training modules (environmental hygiene, management and use of drinking water)
  • Development of 2 exchanges with water boards of two communities
  • A total of 51 houses are connected to a household drinking water system.
  • Community organization strengthened, with the creation of a water committee
  • Formed the Board of Directors, Water Committee and benefic