Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems with gender equity in rural communities, municipalities of San Pablo Tacachico and El Paísnal

El Salvador


This project is framed within the strategic lines of the Libertad Program, which was designed by Communities, CORDES and Mayors, through participatory processes carried out in each of the communities where CORDES works, identifying problems and needs such as:

  • Lack of consolidation of the organization.
  • Subsistence farming.
  • Low income.
  • Poor nutrition … among others.


Municipalities of Aguilares and San Pablo Tacachico.

Local Partner

Association Foundation for Community Cooperation and Development of El Salvador


General Objective: To establish sustainable and equitable agricultural production systems in the rural communities of El Paísnal and San Pablo Tacachico.

Leading population

(165 women and 100 men).

Project duration



TAU, Diputación Foral Gipuzkoa and Ay. Pamplona


  • Socialization of the project communicate to the population of the communities, the different activities to develop during the project.
  • Identification and selection of beneficiary women
  • Purchase of materials, supplies and cows.
  • Establishment of 35 livestock banks with the same number of women.
  • Application of 2,000 prophylactic plans.
  • Technical support.
  • Identification and selection of beneficiary women.
  • Purchase of materials and supplies
  • Planting 25 apples of fruit plants.
  • Technical support.
  • She plants 50 apples of grass, with 65 women.
  • Technical support
  • Preparation of training material.
  • Training schedules.
  • Development of 7 training days.
  • Development of 2 field tours.
  • Preparation of training material.
  • Training schedules.
  • Development of 8 workshops on masculin