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The Uspha Uspha area, where the project will be carried out, corresponds mostly to the territory of District 8 of the Municipality of Cochabamba. The consistent arrival of the migrant population from the rural regions of the country in the last decades has caused phenomena of uncontrolled urbanization in the area, with the creation of settlements in precarious and informal areas, lacking infrastructure and services. In the territorial analysis carried out in the Cochabamba metropolitan area by the ICES study (2013), it was found that District 8 has the lowest values ​​in terms of average income per family, as well as the lowest levels of access to health services and the most significant deficits in the water service. The population is supplied with water through storage in tanks of different capacities that are often distant from the houses due to the topography of the sector. These are steep and arid slopes that were previously grazing areas and that in the last decades have been divided and urbanized. The subdivision caused innumerable conflicts, because many lotters sold the properties without having legal possession of them. Most of the houses do not have sewage systems, they have dry latrines or bathrooms with water entrained to an absorption well. The lack of adequate solid waste collection and disposal services deteriorate the population’s health and quality of life. The main economic activity in the neighborhoods of the district is informal commerce, followed by masonry or work in the construction sector.


Cochabamba Department

Local Partner

San Lucas Foundation


General Objective: To develop projects that promote greater comprehensive participation of children with disabilities and their mothers in the southern area of Cochabamba through skills development, family empowerment, and environmental empowerment.

Specific Objective: Increase the comprehensive inclusion of children with disabilities through: group / individual psychological support plan; obtaining a disability card and access to neurological medications; family training in physiotherapy, technical support with wheelchairs, orthotics and prosthetics, psychoeducational support and family training and pedagogical school support involving family members, teachers and the educational community.

Leading population

(children with disabilities and family).

Project duration



TAU, Ay. Santander (15.793€)


  • Preparation and signing of agreements with public, private and health professionals
  • Workshops and informative actions with health personnel
  • Carrying out individual diagnoses in social work, psycho-pedagogy and physical therapy
  • Orientation, rehabilitation and physical, psychomotor and family training sessions
  • Specialized medical care for children with disabilities.
  • Workshops for parents of children with disabilities.