Educational workshops for the prevention of child abuse and malnutrition

Dominican Republic


The social reality of poverty, together with the educational deficiencies of fathers and mothers, have made it possible to identify that child abuse and malnutrition in children from 0 to 5 years of age, constitute social problems that severely condition the present and future of many children in some


Brisas del Yuna neighborhood, the poorest and most marginal in Bonao (Dominican Republic)

Local Partner

Our Lady of Guadalupe Foundation


General Objective: To prevent child abuse and malnutrition, through educational workshops for parents of children aged 0-5 years on child development and nutrition.

Specific Objective: Provide counseling and psychological care to people (fathers, mothers, children) who may need it, through a Clinic of Clinical Psychology

Leading population

(mothers, fathers and children).

Project duration



TAU and Ay. Donostia


  • Training workshops: “Learning to be parents” “Helping our children grow” and Assistance through the Clinical Psychology Consultation.


Once a first information and motivation meeting was held for the participation of the beneficiary parents, the development of the two workshops with the theme “Love and limits” began on May 20.

Until July 16, an average of 45 people have participated during 9 working days and have discussed the following topics:
• Love and limits (brochure)
• Learning to make rules. (video)
• Growth and development – Survey (brochure 1)
• Set Limits-Positive Discipline (video and brochure)
• Family reunion and street food
• Breastfeeding – Evaluation. (brochure 3)
• Learning to put sanctions. Child abuse. (brochure 3)
• Family planning and spacing of births (video)
In addition to the topics covered in the workshops, two BIOMETRY sessions were held for the beneficiary boys and girls to find out their health status. The results were as follows: Participants: 67 mothers and 69 children.
BIOMETRY: 1st session
or 1 severely malnourished
o 3 moderate malnourished
or 15 mild malnourished
or 4 obese
or 46 well nourished
BIOMETRY 2nd session
o 1 moderate malnourished
or 5 mild malnourished
or 15 well nourished
In all the work sessions of the workshops there has been a snack for the attendees and a food incentive for their homes. There has also been a babysitting service for the children of the attending parents.