Round table THE CHALLENGES OF AGING IN EL SALVADOR AND THE BASQUE COUNTRY In this round table, convened as part of the presentation of the Discarded exhibition, we will have the testimonies of two activists and fighters for the rights and dignity of older people from both El Salvador and the Basque Country: Maria Luisa Mendizabal and Emilio Espin. The dialogue, presented and moderated by the author of the exhibition, Marc Espín, aims to encourage reflection on the perception of old age, on the difficulties faced by older women, their causes and challenges, and on the similarities and contrasts that exist between growing old in a developing Central American country and in our territory. Emilio Espín is a benchmark in the fight for the human rights of older adults in El Salvador. He was awarded the Culture of Peace prize in 2017, awarded by the Salvadoran Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights, for the incidence of his work in the approval of fundamental laws for the well-being of the elderly. He is coordinator of the Coalition for the Dignity of Older Adults in El Salvador, founder of ARTE (Rural Association of the Third Age) and responsible for older adults of the NGO CORDES. Maria Luisa Mendizabal is a woman committed to the needs of the elderly and participates in various associations in the Basque Country. She has more than twenty years of experience in the field of personal care, she promoted the creation of the SSI Group (Integrated Social Services Cooperative, winner of the Zilargi award in 2017) and is currently actively involved in the Sopuerta Women’s Association. Marc Espín is a journalist, professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, president of the NGO Discarded and author of the exhibition. Date: Thursday, March 3. Hour: 18:30-20:00 Place: Kutxa Kultur Plaza (4º planta Tabakalera) Free entry until complete seats Organize: Donostia City Council (Cooperation and Lagunkoia) Kutxa Kultur Fundazioa Descartados ONG TAU Fundazioa