YOUR VACCINE DOES NOT PROTECT ME: Right to health for all people

This is the motto that the Zero Poverty Platform of Donostia has chosen for October 17, the International Day against Poverty and Exclusion. This platform, which last year celebrated 15 years of work and denunciation against Poverty, brings together 21 organizations and social movements, among which TAU Fundazioa has been a part from the beginning.

This year, with the aforementioned slogan, from the platform we intend to generate reflection among citizens about unequal access to the vaccine. In fact, many impoverished countries will not be able to vaccinate the majority of their population until 2023 as a result of the accumulation of doses from the rich countries, even above their needs, since while they ensure future supplies, access for the rest is uncertain. Therefore we claim:

-That intellectual property rights, including patents, do not hinder access or availability of any future vaccine or treatment for COVID-19. The adoption of legal measures that guarantee access to medicines and medical supplies at a fair price.

-Invest in the universality of the effective enjoyment of the right to health, seeking solutions in the debt crisis and the fiscal insufficiency to get out of this crisis and rethink the development model that has led us to it.

-Betting for public policies that defend the collective well-being, that are designed to satisfy the needs of the population and that move away from the panacea of unlimited accumulation.

-The development cooperation policy as part of the solution to this crisis.

To make these claims visible, the Platform has organized the following activities in which we have actively participated. On the same October 17, we held a protest bike march that left at 12:00 from the Peine del viento to the San Sebastian Boulevard, set by Txita Sound System. In addition, on October 19, Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m. at the Kresala cinema club in Donostia, we held the cinema forum with the film The Scrapper’s Woman, moderated by Inmaculada Vila, President of Medicusmundi Gipuzkoa. In addition, this year, Fuden, the Foundation for the Development of Nursing, has joined the demands of the platform.

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