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Collaborate with Tau Fundazioa

In every place, here in the North or there in the South, collaboration and the practice of Solidarity that promotes and transforms is possible.

We are very aware of the need to team up, not to go alone and join forces and energies to fight injustices and develop our social responsibility; all of this can be done and can be contributed in many ways.

Knowing the complex reality, informing ourselves and making known how much change and support are needed by everyone to make it more humane.

Acting in a responsible way with people, groups and collectives in difficulty, developing our social potential through the capacity for cohesion and relationship in diversity

Investing their own personal and material resources in favor of others, and thus enable the generation of emancipatory actions and projects.


We propose you:

  • Being a volunteer and collaborating with your time and resources at TAU, surely there are many things we can do together!
  • Make a regular financial contribution for the development of projects in the Third or Fourth World.
  • Make donations of money or materials.
  • Be a cooperating Entity / Company.
Make a donation
Because with him you practice solidarity and north / south cooperation that enables sharing that helps our decrease so that impoverished communities and peoples have access to the goods that belong to them and we monopolize in order to become family and equals.

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